Please click on items to view pictures. We are still working on getting photos of all our items uploaded so if one doesn't pop up, feel free to send us a message. 

Birch Podium $25.00
Lattice Podium $20.00
Column Podium $25.00
Antique Style Table $25.00
Rustic Benches $2.00 per guest
Vintage Couch $150.00
Vintage Chair $40.00
 Basic Bar
     Black bar with white and chrome trim
 Main Bar
     Mahogany wood

 Banquet Bar
     2-Tier with black draping

 Deluxe Bar
     2-Tier black wood
 Whiskey Barrel Bar $125.00

 Retro Angled Bar
     Brown wood facade with brown
     leather accents


Bar Cart

Vintage Trunk $20.00
Antique Buffet $75.00
Antique Style Vanity $30.00
White Square Columns $15.00
White Lattice Columns $10.00
Whiskey Barrel $40.00
Circular Display Stand $40.00